Critical Power

Jeffcoat & Associates, LLC has years of experience in installing and maintaining critical data center systems. We understand the importance of your company’s up-time and know that equipment reliability is key for maximum productivity. That’s why we make your up-time our priority. The level of expertise found at Jeffcoat is incomparable. Our Critical Applications services ensure your facility and equipment is operating at the best possible level. The service plans we provide will protect your investment and provide superior equipment reliability. At Jeffcoat, we deliver results.


  • UPS Installation, Operations, Testing, and Maintenance
  • Generator Installation, Service, and Maintenance
  • Emergency Generator Deployment
  • PDU Installation, Service, and Maintenance
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems
  • Data Center Equipment Power Installation, Service, and Maintenance
  • 24/7 Support provided by on-call technicians


  • Licensed General Contractor
  • Certified Installers and Designers
  • Warranty on all products and services

Department Manager – David Weldon
Office Number – 205-481-1100
Cell Number – 205-410-8677
Email –